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angelwylde's Journal

Daniel G.
15 October 1975
Well, this used to be my journal. I guess it still is. But lately it's become more of a project of mine.

I tend to be very self-critical when I write, despite so many people telling me to keep up with it. I'll get thirty pages into something and then delete the whole thing in disgust. So instead I decided to start an open source novel called 4AM, Casanova's Curse. It's an experiment in allowing the public, strangers at large to edit and give notes on my story. Rewrites will be done according to the will of the masses, as long as the masses participate.

If you'd like to get started, it's all here;

4AM, Casanova's Curse

So please, take a moment and dive in, and if I entertain you stick around and if you're particularly generous contribute.

I promise to read every line.
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